Uprising Begins in Louisville After Breonna Taylor’s Murderers Ruled Innocent

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Police Brutality
White Supremacist Gang

The city of Louisville, Kentucky, has taken to the streets after a decision made by a grand jury not to convict the murderers of Breonna Taylor at ~2:00 P.M. Thousands of protesters mobilized within hours to protest in her honor and against the conviction given.

Police Brutality

Police brutality has always been rampant in Louisville, hence the Breonna Taylor murder, but the police as well as the National Guard have cracked down extremely hard on the protesters alongside white supremacist gangs.

Police have also used sonic torture devices, known as LRADs (Long Range Acoustic Device) that cause permanent hearing loss at a range of 50 feet, and are being used by riot police and the National Guard.

Presence of White Supremacist Gangs

Splinter factions from the 3% Militia, a far-right nationalist and Islamophobic organization, have established a presence in Louisville and sighted during today’s protests.

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