Chicago Uprising

The Chicago Uprising came far later in the George Floyd Era, but what set it apart from other blocs was that it was a united front of Native Americans and BLM Protesters. This led to an immense difficulty on the side of the government of containing the protests and making sure that they stopped. Because of this, they also became far bigger in proportion than what was previously expected.

Protests in Chicago have always been in large proportion during this era, but never to the level of organization that they have now.

Battle of Grant Park

Crimethinc Documentary

The Battle of Grant Park occurred on the 17th of July, at the site of a Cristopher Columbus Statue. The protesters managed to outmaneuver and surround the police, trapping them at the statue, and then clashes began. This protest bloc was a united front of BLM Protesters and indigenous people and their advocates. They were advocating to decolonize the area, among other things.