Rayshard Brooks

Rayshard Brooks was a restaurant worker in Atlanta, with a wife of 8 years and 3 children. He had spent 2 years in prison and spoke about his difficulties with rehabilitation and how modern society ostracizes criminals who have already paid their debts to society.

Brooks had the police called on him for being asleep in a Wendy’s drive-thru, and subsequently tried to resist being beaten and subdued by police. He obtained one of their tazers, ran away, and was shot in the back several times. He would later die in the hospital, leaving behind his wife and children.


The Wendy’s where he was killed was burned by his wife, and there was a lot of backlash against liberals and other such types who were reporting possible arsonists after she was arrested. The following charges were raised against his killers after mass protests in Atlanta:

Garrett Rolfe:
Felony murder,
Aggravated assault (5 counts),
Violation of oath (4 counts),
Damage to property

Devin Brosnan:
Aggravated assault, 
Violation of oath (2 counts)

Memorial Fund

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