Elijah McClain

On August 24th, 2019, a 23-year-old Elijah McClain was walking home after getting tea from a local convenience store. Elijah, having anemia, wore a hoodie and a ski mask to keep himself warm. The Aurora Police Department received a call of a “suspicious man”, and so they went and found McClain. The video below shows body camera footage. Be aware that this might be very disturbing.

Elijah was tackled and went unconscious by the police, and was injected with a lethal dose of ketamine once the paramedics arrived. He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced brain-dead three days later. The Aurora Police Department has insofar declined to fire nor arrest the officers that murdered Elijah McClain.

McClain was known as a very sweet and pure-hearted person, and as the photo to the right indicates, he was known for playing the violin for kittens in the local animal shelter. It must be recognized that McClain was a good person, and did not deserve murder, but we cannot highlight his innocence, as that would imply that certain state-sanctioned murders are more justified than others.
A petition exists to pressure the Aurora Police Department into firing or arresting the officers that murdered Elijah.

You can sign it here: Justice for Elijah McClain

The community of Aurora has held many vigils and protests in honor of Elijah, many of which have been broken up violently by the Aurora Police Department, who arrive in heavily militarized gear.

Demand that all killers be held accountable, especially those who pose as being in authority to protect and serve.