David McAtee

Photo of David McAtee.
Photo of McAtee. Courtesy of his brother, Marvin.

David McAtee was a man who owned YaYa’s BBQ; he had been known by friends to serve the financially struggling and police officers for free. He lived in the West End of Louisville, Kentucky, a predominantly black neighborhood. At 9:00 P.M. on June 1st, the National Guard and Police were patrolling the area to enforce curfew. They immediately began shooting pepper balls at the group that McAtee was with, and they quickly filed into the restaurant. McAtee pulled out a pistol, to defend his niece, who was behind him. He was killed by a single shot to the chest out of the 18 that the police fired on the group. Hours later, the police chief Steve Conrad was fired by the Mayor of Louisville.

McAtee’s family currently has a GoFundMe dedicated to his memory, which at the time of this writing has raised almost $900,000. You can donate here: Justice for David McAtee