J25 Uprising

J25 was a day of solidarity with Portland protesters. An extended documentary of the Pacific Northwest uprising is linked. Several hubs for mass protests were in Seattle, Marin, Olympia, Austin, and Portland. Notable events also happened in Louisville, but not tied to J25.


In Austin, a protester was shot and 3 others wounded by gunfire coming from a drive-by car.


In Oakland, the courthouse was set on fire by the local Youth Liberation Front chapter and other anarchists.


The Seattle Youth Liberation Front burned down a construction site of a new juvenile detention center in the area.


So many tear gas canisters were thrown in Olympia that it seeped into buildings and gave people asthma attacks.


In Marin County, California, some members of the YLF threw down a banner drop on a landlord’s building that they have kept abandoned for years.


Portland, being the center of J25, had many clashes with police and federal agents during the day; Portland is now facing air pollution as a result of the amount of tear gas being deployed on the streets.

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