CHAZ The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

Shooting in CHAZ leaves 1 dead, 1 critically wounded

A shooting in CHAZ at around 3:00 A.M. left 1 African-American man dead, and one critically wounded. After the shooting, CHAZ medics immediately rushed the wounded to the hospital, where someone would die and another would end up in critical condition. This happened in a Juneteenth rally, which has lead some people to theorize that white supremacists might have been the perpetrators, given that several groups have promised to bring CHAZ down.

The incident was recorded by Omari Salisbury, who has been documenting the CHAZ protests. The videos show a chaotic, scene, and many people left the CHAZ immediately after the shooting and after the medics sent the wounded of the shooting away.

You’ll be able to access the video here.

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