CHAZ The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

CHAZ Security Militia Prevents a Mass Shooting

In the morning of June 29th, 2 shooters in a stolen SUV went through Cal Anderson Park, firing 15 shots, and then returning ~15 minutes later, tried again. The 2nd time, however, the security militia of CHAZ caught up to them, and shot out the tires, the windshield, and hit them both. Police refused to take them in, and the same reaction came from the paramedics and fire department. CHAZ medics themselves drove the shooters to the hospital, where it appears that one may die and another will stay severely wounded, but alive.

This is seen as a big victory for the leftists within CHAZ, proving that the armed militias within the zone are necessary for the protection of the protesters, and are also the only thing preventing a full-scale invasion of the area by the SPD.

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